Powerglove Signs With E1 Music

May 20, 2010

Source: Blabbermouth

Boston video game metal masters POWERGLOVE have signed a North American deal with E1 Music. The band will release a new full-length album this fall.

“We are all extremely proud to announce E1 as our new label,” the group says in a statement. “And really, what better label for us than one who is home to both IN FLAMES and the ‘Sesame Street’ catalogue?”

POWERGLOVE continues, “We spoke with many great labels about releasing this album, yet E1 has always felt like the best place for our brand of ridiculous nerd metal. We hereby do solemnly swear that with E1, POWERGLOVE will bring you even more explosions, candy, and nostalgia-gasms. No POWERGLOVE, no powerlove!”

Adds E1 Music Vice President of Metal Scott Givens, “POWERGLOVE is the perfect weapon to help in our quest for world domination here at E1!”

“We are POWERGLOVE and we are here to fuck with your childhood!” proclaims the band at the beginning of its live shows. After finding success mining the brains of the A.D.D.-driven video game generation with songs like “Tetris”, POWERGLOVE has set its sights on the inner child in all of us. To this end, the band has set its blasters from stun to kill; its target: the world!

POWERGLOVE recently completed two separate, successful, tours with HAMMERFALL and SONATA ARCTICA. Watch for them this summer as they continue to add dates for video game festivals and live performances.

POWERGLOVE is composed of four battle-hardened rockers out of Boston: Alex Berkson, Bassil Silver-Hajo, Chris Marchiel, and Nick Avila. This band shreds metal renditions of everything from old-school 8-bit video game classics to contemporary blockbusters, all with a heavy metal attitude.”


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