Powerglove To Release One New Song A Month For 13 Months

March 28, 2017

Source: BraveWords

World Entertainment Inc. and Powerglove are pleased to announce a new partnership with Knife Fight Media, who will manage the next album cycle, which will mark the bands return to video game themes. Instead of releasing an album all at once, the band will be releasing one track a month for the next 13 months, culminating with a box set released on the final month of the album cycle.

Following is a message from the band:

“Pay attention my supple lads, for the time has come for the long anticipated next chapter from the purveyors of video game metal. Behold the first track of PowerGlove’s new release, Continue?. Each month, I, Zebediah, master magician, will release Powerglove from their musty basements, so they may bestow upon you a new piece of pompous, penis-pummelling powermetal, infused with videogame nostalgia, and a hint of lime. Be wary, hold a keen eye, and clench firmly, because if you do not hear these songs, you shall forever miss the chance to join Powerglove in the halls of videogame Valhalla.”

Hailing from the outer reaches of flavor country, the Powerglove woodwind quartet is the perfect choice for any bat mitzvah or funeral procession. Top scientists from Powerglove University in Prague have ascertained specific evidence from the children of Sanchez the Wise that Powerglove’s music is answer to domestic abuse, and gout. However, clinical trials, have yet to prove that Powerglove is in any way effective against dysentery. These four young men, full of bold and fresh flavor, as well as all requisite herbs and spices will dance for you until the siren call of the Great Mancuso beacons us home to the undying realms with the audacity of succulent ham.

In March of 2013, Powerglove posted a message to their fans saying that they have started working on “Continue?” the Video Game Themed follow up to 2010’s Saturday Morning Apocalypse, and are releasing that effort in 13 parts over the course of 2017 (a song a month). Powerglove are no strangers to taking a ridiculous and silly concept and translating it into metal excellence, and they can’t wait to tour across the universe again and make their audiences headbang and laugh ‘till they soil themselves at the same time once again.


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